January 2017

A Message from CVGC President Michael Biedenbender

Thank You! Thank You! To all who brought items to sell at the Bazaar. We had to add a table to fit everything. Thank You! Thank You! To all who bought tickets for a chance to win the donated items. I spoke on the “family tree” of National Garden Clubs Inc., Pacific Regional Garden Clubs, California Garden Club Inc., regarding the projects and the benefits of being members.

Remember to pay $20.00 to attend the Winter Board and General District Meeting. CVGC is hosting this event at the Discovery Center on Feb. 27. If you are on the help list, you only pay $10.00. In addition, T-shirts with our Chula Vista Garden Club logo (front and back) are $16.00. Please see Tish Biedenbender at the meeting to place an order.

The taste testing for January meeting will be Blood Oranges and Neapolitan Tangerines. Blood Oranges named for their deep pink or red-streaked flesh, are sweetly flavored. Their skins may have a reddish blush and are smaller than an average orange with slightly rougher skin. Blood Oranges are juicy and best eaten when fresh. On a side note, they are also popular with chefs for use in sauces. There is nothing like a great tasting piece of fruit that tastes like candy and that’s what the Neapolitan Tangerine tastes like. They are small, easy to peel and seedless but only available in December and January!

The suggestions for January are plant bare-root roses, fruit trees and cane berries suited for our zone. Add winter color to the garden with cool-season annuals. Protect against snail damage by using natural barriers like copper tape or sand. Now is the best time to plant California native plants. Continue planting cool-season vegetables.

You will not want to miss our January 19 meeting with Lexi Petelski. Lexi will speak on “Pumice, adding a soil amendment for Success”. Her family owns two pumice mines in California. Pumice will be for sale at the meeting. Please remember to read the newsletter from front to back. It will be packed with information on who, what, where, when, and how’s of projects and extras that you might want to be part of. Some items may only be mentioned in the Newsletter.

A Message from CVGC Fundraising Committee Chair Margaret Selvitz

For our District Meeting scheduled for February 27, 2017 at the Discovery Center many of our crafty and creative members are busy making table decorations and other items to sell at this special event.

One project is a rustic bird and fruit wreath with a lot of ambiance. Another item the gals are working on is a terrarium jar filled with succulents, moss, rocks and oh so much more. The table decorations will be a glass jar filled with amber battery operated mini lights with gold mesh material. We will have some of these items at the February meeting for your enjoyment and purchase.

All sales will go to the Ways and Means Committee.

A very busy club we are!

CVGC January 2017 General Meeting

The Chula Vista Garden Club’s January 2017 General Meeting will be on the 19th at 11:30 AM. Read more »

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